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I'm just a four-letter word

Adult diapers required

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Hello. :)
100 x 100, 1974, 20/20, 80's music, abercrombie and fitch, adobe photoshop, beaches, beads, bee gees, belize city, bono, brad pitt, bruce springstein, cancun, candles, caribbean, casinos, chanel, charm bracelets, chevrolet, chris, cirque du soleil, claire danes, clay pigeons, clear braces, clinique, coldplay, color bars, colorado, contact lenses, convertibles, copic, copic markers, copperheads, cozumel, cruising, dateline nbc, dell, denver, dharma & greg, diamonds, dooney and bourke, doug stone, ebay, eczema, edgar allan poe, elizabeth arden, estee lauder, fashion, ferragamo, fleetwood mac, frappuccino, frogs, fun stuff, galveston, green, guppies, hawaii, houston, humor, ibm, icons, james taylor, janet evanovich, jenna elfman, jewelry, joaquin phoenix, journey, julia stiles, kids, lampwork beads, lampworking, lancome, las vegas, lava flow, lenny kravitz, lip gloss, louis vuitton, love, luaus, lynn, mad tv, magazines, mai tais, manx cats, maroon 5, marriage, morgan freeman, mountain dew, mtv, nemo, norwegian cruise lines, orthodontia, orthodontist, passivity, pcos, pearl jam, personal web sites, photography, pineapple, professional photography, psychology, redheads, road trips, roatan, rod stewart, romance, sarcasm, seiko, sephora, sex on the beach, shawshank redemption, shrek, smart ass, snake bites, something corporate, starbucks, stephanie plum, sterling silver, steve augeri, stevie nicks, stress, sushi, t-mobile, tahoes, taking back sunday, texas, the beatles, third eye blind, tiffany, trampolines, traveling, u2, us weekly, venti 8-pump vanilla latte, volleyball, yearbooks