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Aw, Chris told me 'Happy Saturday' and then gave me the key to his heart.  Sweet.  I adore this necklace.  It's white gold, so it matches all my other jewelry.  Hopefully, I don't lose it!

The kiddos start school on Monday---the summer flew by!  I can't believe my Cody will be a SENIOR in high school!  Brielle is going into 6th grade.  We got back from Virginia Beach last week.  We were there for 6 days and we had a really good time.  We had professional photos taken on the beach.  I'll post some when I get them (the website has the watermark on them).

Right before we left for the trip, I went to the mall and got my hair cut and highlighted---I have bangs again.  This is like a vicious cycle--bangs...let bangs grow out...cut.  :)   Also, I'm using some Keratin Complex which costs $40 and I see no benefit at all.  I hate when the stylists sell me a bunch of crap I don't need...I'm such an easy sell.  I also got some serum that has 3 parts to it...damn, forgot the name.  Something "trillion" and it has tiny glitter particles...that stuff is good.  I use it before I use the flat iron.

I'm scatter-brained atm and  I have a headche that Tylenol isn't taking care of.  I took 2 extra strength and nada, zip, nothing.  I think I need caffeine, but I'm really trying to limit it.

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