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hello world...

I'm alive...surgery went very well and I was discharged the following day.  I am doing fantastic (like did I really just have surgery 4 days ago)? :)  Also, my husband is the most wonderful person in the universe.  He has been spoiling me like crazy...starbucks and breakfast in bed each morning...and he's been waiting on me hand and foot.  I'm so grateful he has an office here at home he gets to work from each day.  He even told me to go to Sephora.com and blow $200 so when the box arrives he can put the stuff in my Christmas stocking...lol.  I had no problem doing that. :)

I can't believe Christmas is in one week.  How time flies!  Chris and I have a suite booked for new year's eve at the casino in LA...I hope I will be able to go.  Surely I will be able to.  I can't drive for a week and I can't lift anything for like 4-6 weeks.  Blah...w/e.  And Chris won't let me.  I got up to make everyone hot chocolate last night and he wouldn't let me lift anything at all--so Brielle did it.  But I should be able to go on a 2-hour drive and then sit at a $1 slot machine for a while. And there will be champagne and other drinks involved, but that should all be fine.

I've been living in my bed watching MTV and OnDemand stuff, also reading magazines and playing on eBay.  I'm still shopping without leaving the house because that's important. ;P  I got all of the Christmas shopping done before my surgery, though.  I got Chris an Uzi (yes, a gun...and it's wrapped and under the tree---seems so anti-Christmas, I know).

Cody got his hair cut this morning and he looks so cute.  I should have had him do it last weekend since we had pics taken, but we were too busy.

Phone's ringing, that's my cue to get off of here.

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