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Went to Galveston this past weekend for 2 nights with some friends from school.  Katrina and I were the Beer Pong Champs :).  We had such a great time.  Everyone told me I missed my calling of being a bartender, lol.   We played on the beach Friday night and most of the day Saturday.  Sunday after we checked out of the hotel, we went to Kemah Boardwalk and rode the Beast (really cool speedboat ride with loud music).  We got soaked!

The kiddos only have a few more days of school and then they're out for summer vacation.  We have sooo much planned this summer that it's actually a little stressing keeping up with the dates.

Cody will be a senior next year...omg, how time flies.  I can't believe it.

I asked Chris, "what are we going to do when both kids have moved out of this house?"  (our house is big and the upstairs portion is all theirs with the exception of the guestroom).  He told me "I'm gonna chase you around the house naked"...something like that.  Crazy guy.

Cody is already looking at colleges/universities and most of the mail each day is addressed to him from those places.  His girlfriend, Victoria, is going to Baylor to study Neurology.  Cody is still undecided but if he doesn't decide by the end of next year, Chris and I are going to steer him in the direction of a Computer Science degree.  Cody would have the ability to earn $100K or more per year at the age of 20. (of course, his connections would be thru Chris).  :)  But we'll just see what he wants to do...

Housewives of Houston is casting right now.  I can't believe anyone would even want to be on that show. 


Happy Mother's Day!  The kids and Chris spoiled me, as usual---love them!

Apr. 23rd, 2010

What's wrong with people?  Wow, lol.

Happy hump day. :) 

I just ate the best cupcake...yum.

I sold my old Tahoe today to a guy from Huntsville.  I loved that SUV...I mean, not nearly as much as the new one, but still.  It was a really good vehicle.  The new one is so cool though (yay sunroof).  It has soooo many options I am still learning how to use some of them.  I started the XM Satellite subscription this morning.  Also, the Navi/Rearview Camera thing is touchscreen and there are a lot of tabs and things I have to figure out.  But anyway, back to the XM stuff...I must be missing something because I don't think it's the greatest thing.  I only played around with it for 5 minutes and then switched it over to CD.  I'll need to read about it or something.  Also, I haven't played a DVD on the entertainment thing yet, either.  Hopefully soon.

Anyway, the community-wide yard sale is this weekend.  I have SOOO much crap to get rid of so I guess I will be up before dawn this Saturday.  I'm going to get rid of my big curio cabinet, clothes, toys, games, and some purses.  I'm sure there is more junk I will decide I can do without.  I shop too much.

We got a hot tub 2 weeks ago (totally Chris' idea)  and I really had no interest in it at all the first few days, but then I got in one evening with Chris and now I AM HOOKED.  It's really nice and relaxing.  Not sure how much we'll use it this summer (mainly we'll just be in the pool, I guess) but when the hot tub is set to 100 degrees, it is perfect.  I'm sure in the wintertime we'll have to set it higher.  And to think about all those times on the cruises that I passed the empty hot tubs when I could have soaked in them. :)

Chris's b-day is in ONE WEEK.  I got him a few things and we're going to the Gun Show on the 17th.  Not sure what he wants, yet. I told him to get a .50cal Desert Eagle-- he laughed and told me he wouldn't even be allowed to shoot it at the gun range.  THAT'S MY POINT! :)  One big ass gun.

Anyway, that's my quick update for now...

www.youtube.com/watch#!v=C9oRXYckNAg  the gangsta in me luvs thiss... ;)

Bud Light anyone?

Watching the Super Bowl...blaah.  Kind of.
  • Today, I wrote papers on Japanese Culture and Black History Month and I scrubbed the kitchen floor and waxed it (it's all pretty and shiny now). 
  • It's been really nice and sunny during the days, however, we are still lighting the fireplace at night. (pressing a button). :)
  • Lori will be here tomorrow!  I've washed the sheets for the bed in the guest room.
  • Cody and I re-potted a new Majestic Palm I got from Lowe's and it looks so good.  I put it in the living room.
  • It's been two hours since I started this post...Lori called and I talked to her about NOTHING. lol
  • So yeah, the Saints won.  Nice.
  • I can't wait for Valentine's Day---we're celebrating it the whole weekend.  I got Chris a cherrywood shot glass holder that hangs on the wall.  It's for his office here at the house.  I also got him 2 V-day cards because they were both really sweet and I couldn't decide on just one.
  • It was a low-key but productive weekend.  Gonna head to bed...
Oh, and btw, my favorite Super Bowl commercial was the "Lost" parody where they found the cooler of Bud Light (and screw being able to get rescued).  :)   I'd have to be rescued, though, because I prefer Corona.   But yeah, that was a cute commercial.

Jan 2010

This weekend flew by and I am tired.  Woke up at 7:45 and took Cody for his observation...ran to Lowe's...ran to Target...did laundry (all of my scrubs are clean and ironed)...made cupcakes (golden vanilla with chocolate icing).

Ok, I haven't updated in a while.  Also, I love random posts, so this will be just randomness:
So far, for 2010 we have the following trips planned:
  • Chris, the kids and I are going to Maryland during Spring Break.
  • Cody and I are headed to NY/Manhattan in June because he will be performing at Carnegie Hall.
  • We're all going to Virginia Beach at the end of August for a party and having professional photos taken on the beach.
And I'm sure Chris will want to fit a cruise or summer trip in there somewhere.  I hate having lots of stuff planned, especially so far in advance.

I will be finished with this current program and sitting for certification and registration in June.  Then, on to the Rad Tech program (yay!) in the Fall.
Chris and I have plans for Valentine's Day (sans kids) and we'll be gone for 2 days.  And Cody told me today that he wanted to have a picnic in the park with his gf, Victoria.  Aww, so sweet...  But since we won't be in town, I don't want him on the roads or anything so she's going to hang out at the house, instead. 

I want a new SLR camera, I just can't decipher which one is the BEST.  Too many decisions.

I am taking my ex back to court for a child support modification--and my attorney now charges $175/hr...lol. "excuse me Mr. Attorney if I don't seem real chatty and talkative..."  :)  He's a great attorney, though.  All of the money is going to Cody--into a savings account and he can use it however he wants.  He'll probably use it for college.  There's a LOT more I can say here, but I will pass. 

I'm waiting for T-Mobile's new Google phone to hit the site...I really want it.  I have a data phone, but I want some apps and something different!

I'm going to vote for Medina for TX Governor.

I've had 2 dreams about being stranded alone on my FIL's yacht...does that mean something?  Maybe I drowned at sea in a past life, lol.

I have been watching the Winter X Games...these guys are crazy.

Ok,  I'm going to get off of here.  Chris is offering a massage and I'm not passing that up.

Jan. 8th, 2010

Do you tweet?  http://twitter.com/lynnhowell

As I watch That 70s Show...

Where the frick are my posts from 2004 thru 2008?  Blah, LJ.

It's really cold here; the low for tonight is 19 degrees and the water in our pool was 42 degrees at noon. :X  I can't wait until Spring arrives!  It's my favorite season, anyway.

Let it snow...

Yep, the Houston area got snow a few weeks ago.  I'm late in posting but here are a couple of pictures:

Christmas 2009

I think I'll start this post by emphasizing my sheer disdain for Sephora.com.  Apparently, they screwed up a plethora of online orders just before Christmas, including mine.  Chris always BUGS me to no end about a month before Christmas for a wish list.  Well, there was really nothing I wanted this year.  This is mainly due to the fact that I shop for myself all year long.  I ended up throwing  a few things on a list to pacify him and I also visited sephora.com on Dec 14 and spent $184.86 on perfume and lip gloss.  Well, a box showed up a few days later and Chris asked me if I "only ordered a few little things".  I told him no, the box of crap that should show up is supposed to be full of full-size items, not little packets (samples).  So he showed me the box of stuff that arrived and it only contained 3 samples.  Samples I didn't even pick from the website so I checked the packing slip and it appeared that they jumped the gun and sent the samples while the other stuff would follow.  I dunno...I thought it was done that way because I'm a beauty insider member.  Anyway, fast forward to Dec 23 night and Chris asks me if I know anything about the sephora.com order.  WHAT?  No, I don't know...I'll login and check the order status.  That's when I realized that the package with the samples in it was the only thing that was sent.  I called Sephora the next morning and found out that someone else had received my order on Dec 18 and she was returning it back to Sephora.  So yeah, that's it.  Sephora never re-sent the crap to me, nor did they notify me what had happened.  They gave me a refund (how fucking nice of them, right?).  All of that hassle, they held my money for 10 days, and then just gave it back.  Like PSYCH!

Today, I went to our local JC Penney and visited the Sephora store and spent $192.  A lot of the stuff I ordered online wasn't in the store, but I got some cool stuff, including a tube of NARS Orgasm lip gloss.  It was $24 and the color is gorgeous; I love it!  I also got some stuff from Stila, Bare Essentials, Urban Decay, and Cargo.

And while I am ranting (why stop now?), let me tell you that I will never buy another Coach product again.  Ever!  I went to the Coach store in the mall and picked out this handbag in black.  I brought it home and set it under the tree (yeah, I picked out my own gift because I wasn't sure which one I wanted and it was easier on Chris that way, lol).  On Christmas morning I opened the dust bag and took the handbag out and was looking at it closer.  I glanced at the bottom was like wtf, there was tin foil on it?  Nope.  It was the paint or whatever coming off the trim and it was showing the silver base.  Seriously.  I took pics and I will post them soon.  I took the handbag back to Coach yesterday and returned it.  Got a refund on my card and then went to Dillards and bought TWO new Dooney & Bourke purses.  Ah, I love Dooney and I have for 15 years.

Anyway...aside from that crud, we had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful time at my grandmother's Christmas Ev party!  Cody got a car!  It's a  2002 Saturn L300 and it's loaded (leather, sunroof, etc).  He really loves it.  He also got a guitar, Yamaha Keyboard, and a slew of Hollister clothes.  Oh, and $250.00 and some other things. 

Brielle got a lot of Wii stuff, a pair of Converse shoes, a lot of Aeropostale clothing, a 120gb Zune, $300, and a digital camera.  And other stuff...I forgot.

Chris got more guns, including a gatling gun kit. *shrug*  I also got him some shirts, a Shiatsu back massager, and 2 remote controlled blackhawks. 

Ok, and the rest of my haul:  a bottle of Versace Versense Perfume, a diamond necklace and earring set, a stocking full of chocolate, a pair of brown boots, a new cherrywood dresser/tv stand for our bedroom that we picked out from Rooms To Go, and some candle holders from Crate & Barrel.  I'm sure I left some stuff out, but who cares?

I couldn't believe how many people were at the mall yesterday, and it's not like people were out shopping.  I saw very few people with shopping bags.  It's like these folks were tired of being at home and just wanted to get out for a while.  And they were strolling...so slowly.  Blah.

We are going to the casino (Coushatta) for New Year's Eve.  I can't wait!  I hope the weather is okay for us.   And on Jan 14th, we are flying to Maryland to visit Chris' dad/family and play in the snow.  We'll be there for 5 days.

So that's what's new with me.  Oh, and school is going great!  I love the people in my class and I have some great instructors.  I am out for Christmas Vacation until Jan 4.  The kids go back to school on Jan 5th.  And I'm not sure about Chris--he's his own boss, but I believe he goes back on Jan 4th, too.  I'm really loving this time off. :) 

I am going to try to steal some time away and PAINT. I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to even think about it, but I am going to make time.  And that's all for now...

ETA:  Ok, here's the pic of the Coach handbag: